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Spring Newsletter
Dear Families,
May is traditionally the month we recognize our staff as we celebrate Teacher Appreciation Day May 7. Thanks to our H.S.A. who are planning a special luncheon. Congratulations to Mrs. Caffrey, our Teacher of the Year! This is Mrs. Caffrey’s 12th year teaching fifth grade at Coleman School.
As our students’ artwork adorns our school, we pay homage to Mrs. Roche who truly brings out the very best work and respect for art in all. While viewing the show, our artists could be seen leading their families through each hallway, sharing what they learned. It was a delight to see extended family visiting also…one grandparent shared that she looks forward to the show all year long! Our fourth and fifth grade Spring Concert led by Mr. Bazaz was also enjoyed by a full house! Whether singing along or beaming with pride, our students warmed our hearts! Third grade Lunar New Year celebration was enjoyed by our families “in the round” in our gym. Kudos to our students, their teachers and our specialists!
Our Theme Fair was a great success with almost 100 participants. Projects included art, science, math, sports, power points, games & other activities where students demonstrated and learned how others express themselves. Our after school viewing was much appreciated….Thanks to Mrs. Hutchins & Mrs. Perez!
We appreciate our H.S.A.’s support of our class trips this year; as well as the Dinosaurs Rock (Gr. 1) Gems Rock (Gr. 2 & 3) and Franklin Institute (K-5) interactive assemblies! NJASK takes place for Grade 5 May 5-8; Grade 3 May 12-15 & Grade 4 May 12-16. A good night’s sleep and healthy breakfast are important every day! 
As the teachers and I work on class lists for next year, if there is anything you believe we need to know about your child, please email us. Your comments will be carefully considered, except for requests regarding specific teachers. We work together to balance classes and ensure the best learning environment for every student.   Families are reminded that younger siblings cannot play on the playground equipment during school hours. Everyone must remain closely supervised on the blacktop while waiting for dismissal. Your cooperation is appreciated.
Ms. Cappadona
Welcome Back Letter
Dear Families,
A warm welcome back to all! I hope you were able to relish each precious day of summer with friends and family. .
Thanks to our fifth grade class, our second grade and speech doors were decoratively painted. Our H.S.A. purchased the Everase Classroom Whiteboards & they look terrific!
We are delighted to welcome Mrs. Jaime Britton from Hamilton School as our district elementary Basic Skills math teacher. Mrs. Britton will spend one day a week at each elementary school. Ms. Kauffman will also continue to teach basic skills math and in our library as well. We appreciate the thoughtful efforts of our staff to prepare themselves and their classrooms to get our school year off to a terrific start! We’ve also welcomed 4 new teaching assistants to Coleman, replacing those who have gone on to accept teaching positions in other districts, with our best wishes!
With our school theme, Express Yourself, at our Opening Day assembly I will share a special story, The Dot, and staff will share how they express themselves…during your “first week of school dinner conversations”, please ask your child about this!
In an effort to lessen classroom disruptions and to help increase responsibility among our students, we are asking families to work toward eliminating dropping off forgotten items throughout the day (homework, library books, gym sneakers, musical instruments, etc.). Our staff and I will also be reinforcing this with students each day and your support is appreciated. As for lunches, we as ask that you limit your time in dropping off lunches between 11:00 - 11:30, as most families do. A lunch assistant is assigned to the door to take these lunches and gives them directly to each assistant. Your support and cooperation is appreciated!
Our staff has new “Swipe” key-cards to open exterior doors. Please know when you ring the front door bell, instead of the “beeping” sound, please wait and listen for a very soft “click”, then pull the door open. 
On a personal note, it was very special for Bill & me to return to the Cape & Martha’s Vineyard with our friends. We enjoy revisiting favorite spots and discovering new ones…with one highlight of the day when the beach talk turns to making dinner plans as we collaborate to find ways to re-purpose what is in our fridge and utilize what’s fresh at the local farms. We also enjoyed time at our pool and around the picnic table with our niece and nephews, now 10, 8 & 6, who always manage to make us laugh & smile!
I look forward to welcoming you and your children back and hearing about your summer adventures!
Dawn Cappadona
Welcome to Coleman
As you view our website, it will become evident that Clara E. Coleman Elementary School is a community of teachers and learners. Coleman School is comprised of Pre-K-Grade 5, with 280 students and 50 staff members. This year our schoolwide theme is Express Yourself!

Our professional staff is dedicated to meeting the needs of all children and participate in staff development projects throughout the year. As one of four elementary schools in Glen Rock, we value time for articulation which allows our staff opportunities to share their knowledge and experiences as well as learn from each other. As you visit other links, you will recognize that our curriculum values children’s thinking processes as well as the products they create. We strive for an atmosphere where our students, staff and parents feel proud and committed to supporting each other.

Our Home and School Association (H.S.A.) provides invaluable support to our school in many ways. Families volunteer their time in the Learning Center, classrooms, and numerous after school and lunchtime activities. Our H.S.A. has raised a considerable amount of money to purchase technology and playground equipment, and support programs such as assemblies and author visits.

In this climate, our students enjoy learning, our teachers enjoy teaching, and our families are welcome and make important contributions to the success of our educational program. As Margaret Mead said, Together We Can Make a Difference.

I am proud of the efforts of our Coleman School Family.

Dawn Cappadona

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